Having a fire is often an enjoyable experience or until your room fills up with smoke. We have compiled a list of reasons for why you may be experiencing this issue:

Wet Wood

  • The ideal moisture content for seasoned firewood should be between 20-25%.
  • Wet wood creates smoke and glazed creosote.
  • Cools down the fire and could cause smoke to back up into the home.

Dirty Chimney

  • Creosote build up can reduce the flow of exhaust gasses in the chimney causing smoking issues.


  • Make sure your damper is completely open, allowing the smoke and exhaust gasses to safely travel up the flue.

Too Warm Outside

  • The greater the temperature difference is between the outside and the inside of your home the better the draft is.
  • Having fires when its colder outside may help with smoking problems.

Exhaust Fans (Bathroom, Dryer, Furnace, Kitchen)

  • If these fans are running at the same time you’re having a fire, they can create a negative pressure , which would make the fireplace not draft properly.

Possible Solutions

Establish a draft by warming up the air inside the flue. (Cold air falls) Light some newspaper on the smoke shelf to warm the air to create an up draft. Then light your kindling, then small pieces of dry wood. Remember wet wood will cool down the fire.

Is YOUR Chimney Safe?