Schedule a Sweep As Early As Possible

The wood burning season varies year to year, but as a safe starting point, it usually begins in August and tapers off towards the end of January. During this peak season, the wait for a sweep could take weeks and you could end up not enjoying your fireplace until well after Thanksgiving.

As a precaution, try to schedule a sweep as early as possible, or avoid the Fall rush altogether by beginning the habit of having your chimney swept at the very end of the wood burning season.

It sounds silly, but think of it this way: You wouldn’t wait to clean the dishes from last year’s Thanksgiving until the day before this year’s, right? So why wait to have your chimney swept until right before you want to use it?

Added bonus: Most chimney companies offer a free inspection when you hire them to perform a sweep. If they find an issue early enough, you can have the repairs done before you want to burn. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends having a chimney inspection annually to ensure the safety of your system.

TIP: If you like a good deal, most chimney sweep companies offer specials after wood burning season ends in order to keep the momentum going. Get into the habit of sweeping your chimney post-season and you could wind up saving a decent amount of money.

Is YOUR Chimney Safe?

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